Mod Podge亮光移印膠槳236mlMod Podge - Glossy 237ml

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產品簡介 Description

This waterbased sealer glue finish can be used on all surfaces can be used for either quick textured and even built up finishes. Comes with simple instructions on the back of the pot.


Plaid Mod Podge is the original all-in-one sealer, glue and finish. Perfect for wood, paper, fabric and other porous surfaces, such as terra cotta, plastic foam, and candles, it's quick and easy to use. As a glue, it dries clear and holds tight.


Non-toxic with a soap and water clean up makes it great for kids. As a sealer it protects acrylic paints, stains, decoupage and fabric. Leaves a soft finish. No crafter should be without it. Plaid Mod Podge Gloss leaves a high gloss finish


  • Water based sealer glue and finish
  • Gloss finish
  • Non toxic
  • Can be used on all surfaces
  • 8fl.oz 236ml




Mod Podge亮光移印膠槳236mlMod Podge - Glossy 237ml