Copic Award 2023



COPIC AWARD 2023 終於來了!COPIC AWARD 是一個國際繪畫比賽,希望連結世界上的 Copic 藝術家,所有的參賽作品會在網上被展覽,以提供一個展示才華的平台給各參賽者,獎金獎品亦非常豐富。不論年紀丶國籍丶創作風格,只要你是使用 Copic 產品就可以參加是次比賽。 
登記報名: 2023年4月3日
投稿日期: 2023年5月10日 (11:00 AM HKT) - 2023年6月30日 (22:59 PM HKT)
報名方法:於 COPIC AWARD 官方網站 (上載作品的圖片
• 任何國籍丶年紀丶經驗丶居住地區人士均可參加
• 參賽作品只限未被公開的作品,不可曾參與其他比賽或展覽(不包括個人展覽或社交平台)
• 必須使用 Copic 產品參賽
• 必須以個人身份參賽,不可以團體身份參賽
• 作品大小應為 L420mm x W297mm x H300mm 或以內,重量應在 5kg 以內
• 作品可以是平面畫作或是立體作品,但不可使用易碎物料,如陶瓷或玻璃
• 作品不限主題及類別,但必須為原創內容及人物,不可以是二次創作
• 每人只可遞交一份作品
• Grand Prize(現金US$3,000丶全套358色 Copic Sketch 麥克筆及獎杯等)
• Second Prize (2個名額)(現金US$1,000丶全套358色 Copic Sketch 麥克筆及獎杯等)
• *Future Generation Art Prize (Youth Award) Grand Prize(全套358色 Copic Sketch 麥克筆)
• *Future Generation Art Prize (Youth Award) Special Prize(100個名額)(2023特別版 Copic 麥克筆套裝)
• Judges' Award(4個名額)(特別版 Copic 麥克筆套裝丶評判簽名及獎杯等)
• pixiv Award(72色 Copic Sketch 麥克筆丶12個月 pixiv Premium 訂閱等)
• Social Media Award(全套180色 Copic Ciao 麥克筆套裝)
• Three-Dimensional Work Awards(2個名額)(72色 Copic Sketch 麥克筆套裝及Copic Airbrushing System)
• Regional Awards(5個名額)(72色 Copic Sketch 麥克筆套裝)
• Ink Art Award(100色 Copic Ink 套裝)
• Vexx Awards(3個名額)(72色 Copic Sketch 麥克筆套裝及 Vexx 最新發行書本)
• Applicants’ Choice Award(72色 Copic Sketch 麥克筆套裝)
• Team Copic Awards(3個名額)(72色 Copic Sketch 麥克筆套裝)
如果你希望了解更多有關 COPIC AWARD 的資料,可以到官方網站參考:
The COPIC AWARD is an international competition based on the concept of connecting with Copic artists around the world. All entries will be showcased in an online gallery, allowing participants to share their work with a wide audience and to view the work of other participants from different parts of the world. Cash prizes and Copic products will be given to winners. All Copic artists, regardless of age, nationality, or art style, are welcome.
Registration: April 3, 2023
Entry Period: May 10, 2023 (11:00 AM HKT) - June 30, 2023 (22:59 PM HKT)
How to Enter: Upload a photo of your artwork to the COPIC AWARD official website
• There are no restrictions for nationality, age, experience, residence area, etc. Applicants must be individual artists, not groups.
• Entry is limited to artworks which have not already been made public either though another competition or an exhibition (excluding personal exhibition or own social media pages).
• Your artwork must have been created using Copic products.
• The size of artwork should be within L24″ x W18″x H12″ (L420mm x W297mm x H300mm) with the weight of 11lbs (5kg) or less.
• Not only paintings or drawings, but three-dimensional works are also welcome. The base material does not have to be paper, but the use of fragile materials such as ceramic or glass is prohibited.
• No categories, no specific theme. Must be original content and characters. No fan art.
• Only one piece of artwork may be submitted per person.
• Grand Prize (A cash prize of US $3,000, a full 358 colors set of Copic Sketch markers, Trophy and more.)
• Second Prize (2 entries) (A cash prize of US $1,000, a full 358 colors set of Copic Sketch markers, Trophy and more.)
• *Future Generation Art Prize (Youth Award) Grand Prize (A full 358 set of Copic Sketch markers.)
• *Future Generation Art Prize (Youth Award) Special Prize (100 entries) (Special 2023 edition Copic set.)
• Judges' Award (4 entries) (Special Edition Copic Set and with an autograph of one of the judges, trophy and more.)
• pixiv Award(Copic Sketch 72 Colors Set, free 12-month subscription to pixiv Premium and more.)
• Social Media Award (A full 180 colors set of Copic Ciao markers.)
• Three-Dimensional Work Awards(2 entries)(Copic Sketch 72 colors set and Copic Airbrushing System.)
• Regional Awards (5 entries) (Copic Sketch 72 colors set)
• Ink Art Award(100色 Copic Ink 套裝)
• Vexx Awards (3 entries) (Copic Sketch 72 colors set and Vexx's latest book.)
• Applicants’ Choice Award (Copic Sketch 72 colors set)
• Team Copic Awards (3 entries) (Copic Sketch 72 colors set)
(*Winner will be selected from applicants 18 years of age or younger at the time of entry.)
For more details, you may visit the official website of COPIC AWARD: